Letter from President Hoffman to AFSCME Members

June 1, 2021 


I wanted to send a reminder to all members that our State Master Negotiations teams are in the midst of a very tough session this year.  There have been some very disrespectful proposals put across the table by the state that we just cannot possibly accept, such as furloughs, gutting seniority, and huge insurance increases.  We need to show our support to the Master Team.  So, please try to wear green or post your respect sign either in your workstation or in the window of your car when you are in the college parking lot. If you haven’t gotten one of the respect signs and need or want one, contact either your campus steward or me, and we will get one to you. 

Also, if you want to get negotiation updates enter/click on AFSCMEMN.ORG create or sign into your MemberLink. Once in, click on Negotiations, Bargaining Updates, and then State. 

In Solidarity,

Joel Hoffman, President
AFSCME Local 4001