Letter from President Hoffman to AFSCME Members

September 27, 2019


I wanted to let you know the attacks against us have begun as we knew they would.  I recently received a copy of a letter sent to one of our members from the Liberty Justice Center (rightwing anti-worker group). They are just another part of the Koch Brothers group. 

These people do not want you to have a voice on the job or to have the right to collectively bargain.  They want us to become like Iowa. In Iowa, the state workers do not have the right to bargain health insurance, wages, or language that protects workers on the job. 

Remember the benefits our contract has given us: safer working conditions, paid sick and vacation leave, affordable insurance, and the right to representation. Some may say recent contracts haven’t gotten us anything more. However, I would say that it is not about what new things were added, it is about what we were able to protect. We were able to protect our overtime language and efforts to take rights away from us.  This is only possible when we all stick together. 

I would ask if any of you receive one of these letters to please send a copy to me: [email protected] 

Now is the time for us to double down and show we will not allow them to take away our rights. Let’s go out and talk to our coworkers who may not have yet joined our union. Our executive board has authorized an incentive program to encourage us to get out and grow our membership and increase our strength. The incentive program gives you the opportunity to make some extra cash and be entered in a drawing for a Grand Prize.  Check out the details on the next page and start having those conversations. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or any of your Local 4001 officers. 

In Solidarity,
Joel Hoffman, President                                              

                                                          New Member Incentive Program 

The purpose of this program is to encourage stewards and members to talk to new and potential members and help them join Local 4001. 


  1. Assist new employee/potential member to sign up for membership
    • May use paper card
    • Memberlink-Council 5 website—members.afscmemn.org
    • Phone call to C5 MAC –651-450-4990 or 800-652-9791
  2. Email Chief Steward to notify of new member. Report date, new member name, and sign-up mode.
  3. Chief Steward will notify President who will verify new member status.
  4. Once verified, member or steward recruiting new member will be paid $5 and name of the recruiter will be placed into drawing for the grand prize in December 2020.
  5. New member name will be placed into drawing for the new member grand prize in December 2020. 

Recruiter bonus--$5 per new member (paid out at the end of each month)
Recruiter Grand Prize--$200 gift card to Target
New Member Grand Prize--$200 gift card to Target